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A Powerful Genomics Plateform to Accelerate Immuno-Oncology Research

MedGenome presented the data on its proprietary cancer immunotherapy platform, OncoPept at the Molecular Medicine Tri- Conference 2016, which took place on March 6 - 11, 2016 at San Francisco, CA. This platform predicts and prioritizes T-cell neo-epitopes in human and mouse cancers.


There are several clinical and pre-clinical studies that prove the power of T-cell neo epitopes, which helps in shaping the immune response to get rid of cancer. This also serves as the basis for the development of cancer vaccines. Now, the cancer immunotherapy companies can use a powerful genomics platform called OncoPeptTM that provides chances to harness the Power of the Immune System to Fight Cancer.


OncoPeptTM by MedGenome is the latest medical platform that combines exome and RNA-sequencing data and give importance to the neo-epitopes further with advanced analytics. The platform merges the deep sequencing to recognize uncommon variants present in less than 5% of tumour cells to augment the collection of mutations that may be targeted by T-cells.

To add to this, the number of mutations is reduced using multiple prioritization steps to a small list that can be tested as cancer vaccines. In addition, OncoPept also aims at resolving the challenge faced by the oncology community. It also helps in discovering the tumor-intrinsic and extrinsic factors that will increase the patient response to the checkpoint inhibitor drugs.


For several decades, the immune-oncology research has witnessed studies that proved there is a possibility that the tumours can be recognised by the body’s immune system and the development can be abandoned or limited in long term by a process known as immune-surveillance. These researches include the methods to enhance the immunity of the tumour by blocking or stopping the inhibitory cells and pathways in the microenvironment of the tumour.


Did you know that MedGenome is the only Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) service provider that offers an enduring, science-driven partnership for the researchers so they get to deliver quicker, more affordable and customized solutions? This also enables a superior therapeutic impact of checkpoint control inhibitors and cancer vaccines.


MedGenome Inc. is a genomics-based diagnostics & research company delivering the best of health care by decoding genetic information contained in an individual’s genome. They are the first mover and market leader in genomics-based diagnostics and research from India with global offices in California.

Source: http://www.medgenome.com